Thursday, September 1, 2011

Annie get your Rifle.....

Just thought I would share some random photos today...
This is Mum
There is a rifle range out at a property called Nioka here in Gunnedah...
Great big targets are set up so the shooters can shot rifles
and their old fashioned black powder guns
and buffalo guns..
Real Cowboys and Indians Stuff..

See, this is why us kids had to behave ourselves!
There was no running away from Mum,
If we tried to tell her off we would have to run for our lives
cause she would just stand on the back veranhda
take aim
and try to blow out a knee cap to slow us down..
Have you noticed my hobble..
She took out my knee cap at the ripe old age of 12 when I came home with my first boyfriend!!!!

Nah, its all lies!!!!
Mum was terrified of guns before she met Ken.
But now she knows how they work and she enjoys nothing more than getting out on the range for a shot.


Judy B said...

Lots of fun...Like your humour!!!

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