Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Scarf

I just thought id share......
I love my new scarf
Pink with white dots, so adorable!!!
Ive been everywhere trying to find others similar in different colours, but cant find anything!!! Bumma!!

On my way home tonight the sunset was amaizing!!
Its been overcast all afternoon
and freezing!!!
As the sun was setting and being that its overcast
when driving past the golf course,
it was like someone drew a line half way up the trees
and the bottom of them was grey and drab
and then the top half looked like it was on fire!!
So bright!!
But by the time i got home to get the camera, it wasn't the same..
You can just see the line i was talking about
but photos don't do nature justice sometimes!

1 comment:

Jackie / Kate said...

Love the scarf...Love the sunset x


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