Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Face Lift

Its ten years in June since we moved into our
Brand New Home.
June 2000
Just before GST

When we built we did everything cream
as we didn't own much nice furniture
or anything and we weren't sure
what colours to go with....

As time went on, we ended up going with the darker
wood furniture and for some reason
i always thought burgundy....

So we have done the entrance and formal lounge
and dining with the deep red feature walls.

Now we have ripped up the cream carpet and
tomorrow we are having a dark brown wood flooring
put in...
The older furniture like that corner TV unit
will be replaced with darker wood.
This is the view looking back to the front door..
Still lots of cream...
We decided to go with a contrasting colour for the office.....
Doesn't it look great!!!
I like it so much that this colour will be a feature wall
in the family room too i think!!!
Will show you photos when the floor is done
and the house is relatively back to normal
state of cleanliness...
Its such a mess at the moment.
All the furniture and bits and pieces are around
the rest of the house!!!


Brenda said...

It looks like a different house!

Anonymous said...


phillipa said...

It looks great Jode!!

Lisa A said...

Reno Dobell
When your finished would you please come and do mine...Great Job


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