Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I hope all the Mothers out there
have had a really great Mothers Day!!!
Emelia made me breakie this morning, she is a lovely girl
and then presented me with this
An IOU Voucher....
Not an actual voucher, but an IOU voucher
I cant wait!!
I went out to the Pistol Range this morning
to watch mum and had Morning Tea with her.
And gave her the pressie i bought....
Then Emelia dresses up and when to the races...
her first ever one.
After Miss Showgirl, she has the gear to wear now
and looked very growd up!!
Her and a friend had some fun last night..
Talk about laugh!!
I cant believe how much my daughter is like me!
They had a lovely time!!
And on Friday night, the girls and had an impromptu
get together.....
We consumed 5 bottles of wine,
4 pizzas,
made heaps of little flowers using candles and satin
acquired 2 new burn blisters
and laughed and laughed!!!
There was Jack, Brenda, Bridge & Me
I was very pleased with my handiwork!!!
So all in all, its been a very social weekend this weekend....


Ceci said...

My goodness she is the spitting image of you Jodi! Happy Mothers Day. :) x

Tany Sol said...

Happy Mother's Day Jodi!
Thanks for all!

bridgedan said...

pmsl those photos are hilarious
thanks for a fun night xx

Glennie9654 said...


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