Saturday, September 29, 2012

Emelia turns 19.

Its been kind of a sad day today
because for the first time in 18 years
we couldn't be with Emelia to celebrate her birthday.

I sent her up a pressie through the week.
A new Pink and Black GHD Hair Straightening Iron
A Pony in a Handbag
and some other horse inspired things.

But had this delivered for her this morning at Emerald.

I've got her flowers for her birthday every year since she became a teenager. I just think its a nice thing for a girl to get on her birthday... And of course a balloon, cause I am the balloon lady.

We all had a long chat to her this arvo.
Shauny took her shopping and amoungst the many things she got for her birthday of Shauny
including awesome new horse gear
was a tackle box for fishing!
Then they spent the afternoon fishing.

Tonight they were heading out to tea.

I cant believe how much she is growing up now.
Happy 19th Birthday Possie
Love you

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Jules the Bling Princess said...

Happy Birthday Emelia! Hope it was filled with love, sunshine and happiness. xo


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