Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A New Addition to the Paddock....

I have to share this story with you....
You have all read the Emelia Sagas over the years....
And I haven't updated in such a long time!

Its just so lonely without her here you know.
I have no life!
Thats why I opened my shop!
Now I am just too busy to miss her!

But that also means, that I dont have many awesome stories to tell you!
People have asked why I am not blogging much anymore
and that is the reason..
I have nothing to blog about!!

After watching A Current Affair last night
and seeing the Larger Girls blogging about their fashions,
I thought this might be a direction for me!
I have some awesome fashions!!!
And I am a bigger girl!
So stay tunned!

Emelia is still in Emerald
and has finished college.
She is still living on campus as Shauny is contracted by another company
to work for the College, so they have a place there.
But Emelia has been unemployed and getting a little sad
as she isnt playing with the horses everyday anymore.
Every now and then she gets to ride one,
but not everyday.

So he sat down and worked out a budget to own a horse at Emerald.
Lodging, food etc.
She realised she would have to find work.
So within about two weeks, she found and job
found a horse and bought it!

But for now,
I wanted to share this story with you.....

Meet "STAN"

Stan is a 4 year old TB gelding.
Just not cut out for the racetrack.

On Sunday they rounded up a horsefloat and went to look at Stan.
Of course, like all horses she sees, Emelia fell inlove with him
and it was love at first site for Stan too....

So onto the horsefloat, and home to Emerald.

Emelia says he has such a beautiful nature about him.
Loves his cuddles.

Here he is in his new place....
He took a day to eat, he was quiet unselttled after his long ride in the float.

But she is getting on him today to take him for a ride.
We'll hear how he goes now doubt!!

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