Sunday, December 13, 2009

Those Damn Corners and loose gravel!!!

Stu and Josh went on the Local Bike Club Ride today
to Gingers Creek.
Having just gone on that road a couple of weeks ago
i know that there is heaps of loose gravel
due to road resurfacing!
So dangerous for bikes!!!

Josh found out how dangerous today!!
He stacked it on a corner...
Lost the back end in the gravel and came down.!!

Thank goodness there were no cars coming the other way
and the rider behind him wasnt as close as some ride.
By the time the guy behind Josh got to him, the bike was circling on its side over the road
and Josh was already standing swearing his head off!!!

Also, thank goodness, he didnt hurt himself!!!
Not even a scratch
But he does have swelling on his jaw where his head has hit the road and his helmet has a chunk out of it..... So he has hit pretty hard and will need to replace his helmet.
But he was wearing his armered jeans and an armoured jacket.

Very lucky indeed!!
The bike however may be a right off....
You cant really see as its black, but the fearings at the front have been torn off,
and the muffler section is distroyed.
Footpegs and hand levers are bent and scratched up
Back end fairings are gone...
Damage to the front end...
But he is home safe. He had to ride all the way home too, so he had to get back on. He said it didnt worry him anyway!!!
I dunno what it is with the Black Suzukis at our house,
they dont like those corners....
If you remember rightly a while ago, i came off mine on a corner too....
I have since sold it though.... im too fond of life to risk it on a bike i think!!


phillipa said...

Oh Jodi...thank goodness Josh is all right. You can always replace the bike but not your darling boy xx

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

so glad he is ok!


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