Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily Journal to Day 12

I finally got my journal up to date...
Well, to the 12th anyway!!
And there seam to be alot more pages than 12...
and here i was thinking i wouldn't have anything to put in it!! lol

Im using a U2CanBind
6 x 6 Album....
I will fancy up the cover eventually...
Page 1
Page 2 & 3
Just comments on the weather and such
and featuring some cards i made
Page 4 & 5
Featuring the angel i made and also Zane
Page 6 & 7.5 Front
Which is only day 3!!!
Featuring little Santa Zane
Pages7.5 back & 8
Tahlia Cass and Mick
Pages 9 & 10
Emelia & Zane
Pages 10 & 11.5 Front
Zane and my wish list
Page 11.5 and 12
Solo dressed up
Pages 13 & 14
Emelias Ribbons and Me & Zane
Pages 15 & 16
Jodi and Angel Tahlia
Pages 17 & 18
The tree and decorations
Pages 19 & 20
Me & Zane and decorations
Pages 21 & Envelope
Joshs Birthday and the envelope contains baby photos of Josh
I also have some clear sleeves for photos
Day 9
Joshuas Birthday
Day 10
Emelias Graduation
More photos on transparency
Day 11
Emelias After party
And this is where i am upto now...
Crazy girl!!!
Im really happy with it so far!!!
Im using up all my scrap xmas stuff and embelishments i wouldnt normally use.
Also nothing matches
but it really doesn't matter...


lindy said...

just lovely Jodi

Kary Sol said...

Awesome album!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it girl !!! Ive only just started on mine last night ;0)
Hope you are all well your end ! Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday !!! xxx Tina

phillipa said...

Just lovin' this album Jode!!


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