Monday, December 1, 2014

A second attempt at December Daily........ Monday December 1st

I made a December Daily Album last year
and although at the time I thought..
"How boring is my life...."
I look back on it and it brings a smile to my face everytime.
It depicts our family through our everyday lives,
not doing anything particular,
just doing what we do...

So I thought I would do it again this year!
So above is my album...
Its a bit cute this year with the Hessian Cover and chipboard.

So although this didn't happen in December
it was still something for my album being a bit of an event on the 30th November.
Jo's Baby Shower....

 We had it at the Mackeller Motel
(Note to self: Insist on getting everything in writing!)

Here is the Mum to Be....
Playing catch

And the room

Today we are gearing up for what will be a MASSIVE MONTH
of functions...
Starting tomorrow with school presentations.

And we will also have a launch of the new
Gunnedah Gift Card 
which I have been heavily involved with.

Here is me today.
Im not liking the wrinkles, and my hair is getting way too long.
Why is it that the wrinkles get deaper but my nose seams to get bigger and bigger!
Guess what my nickname was in High School?

....... The Incredible Honk!.......

Thanks for that Mark!!!

And here is the Puss...
Ignoring me as usual!

And the weather.... dry!
But not too hot today, only around 31

A little overcast though
and smelling like rain.

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