Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Camp Mojo 2014

Well, it was on again the weekend before last.
Its always hard to get to Mojo because of the timing coinciding with Ag Quip
which is my second biggest week of the year at the shop,
and I think this will be my last year for a while
so it was extra special sharing my last year with these guys!

We all travelled together and had a lovely relaxing unlost trip to the
Hunter Valley Retreat

We are in Singleton having lunch...

Another person I ran into at Mojo
was this lovely woman!!!!
My Bridesmaid Tammy!
Great to see her again and catch up!

We had an 80s night and everyone got into the spirit of it.
There were some brilliant costumes!
Our table had some tshirts printed and we went with the Fluro look.

There were some awesome things up for Auction!
The Auction itself was pretty amaising!
See my Dicktopairy... the lovely Jo won this!!
(And was the only bid at $50.... but thats ok! Takes a special kinda person to own one of my works of art!)

All the Scrap With V ladies were together again too!
This was pretty spesh! We've not been together in years!

Despite looking the part in my apron, I threw out more layouts than I got done
and thats just so not me!
I never throw layouts out!
But I just couldnt get into it!
I had so much worry about the shop and staff
that it just didnt happen for me!

But I did do Ebonys class.

Unfortunately I threw out the layout I did for Lisa's Class.
And so didnt even attempt Sherrys book!

But I did do one challenge layout.

But it was great to catch up with everyone which is the reason we go!!!

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