Saturday, July 19, 2014

Finding my creative Mojo!

To be honest
I've been in a bit of a funk with my scrapbooking lately and I seam to have lost my "style"
I was on a couple of High Profile DTs for a while
and my scrapping tending to lean towards their product (As is natural)
which was a slight change in my style
Quiet flower orientated
and then at a retreat I was told that people referred to my style as
Flower Vomit.
So after that, I kinda tented to lean away from flowers...
and I have been floundering with my style since.

So I am really trying to find my style again.
I used to use alot of mists and masks before all the DT stuff
and was kinda leaning towards Mixed Media as a natural progression
so I am enjoying going back to that again.

So here is a layout I've been working on the last couple of nights,
with a bit of gesso, inks, stamping, stencils, and some flowers.


1 comment:

Lizzyc said...

Oh I am sad to hear that comment and was hope it wasn't hurtful to you, I hope you don't lose your mojo because of it. This layout is really lovely, love the flow down your page great colors too! Keep creating!

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