Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Country Christmas - 2012

I just thought I would share some photos about our Christmas.
I dont blog as much anymore,
and I really need to rectify this.
I have in the past actually used the 
Blog to Print Site
and had my blog posts put into a book form.
Its wonderful to read back on
(Despite the atrocious spelling & grammer!)

So in 2013 I plan to go back to blogging more often!

Our Christmas is always traditionally very quiet!
There are many reasons that we started the quiet christmases 
and now it seams that it works best for us all.

Josh isnt a very social person at all,
and both Stu and I work right upto Christmas
so its great for some down time.
We dont like to travel for that reason, so we usually just stay
at home infront of the air conditioning.

This year we had a guest though.
Emelia's Shauny.
Such a fantastic kid!
He & Stu have really hit it off.
I look at Emelia with Shaun and they remind me so much of Stuart & I.
Emelia full pf emotion and passion
and Shaun full of reasonableness and adoration.

Here was my table centrepiece this year.
I bought a new lovely batten burg lace table cloth,
table runner & placemats
so wanted a new centerpeice.
I love the candle centrepiece.

I am a traditional Burgundy, Cream & Gold Christmas person.
Plus that colour matches our home.

I got these awesome hand painted christmas plates in this year
and if they didn't sell, I told myself I can use them for christmas.
Half sold and I got the keep a few myself.
This is one little plate
that I filled with the lovely Christmas Rock Candy
that I also got instore.

 I also got these awesome Christmas wine glasses in.
This one says
"Santa define good"
and also
"He sees you when your drinking"

Here we all are at our Christmas Dinner with Mum & Ken.

I love this photo of Mum & Ken.
I bought her a new Christmas Teddy! Its so cute.

I had a friend make Mums and my Christmas Cakes.

Here is the mother load of presents.

On Christmas Eve, I always end up having a argument with the family about looking at the Christmas Lights! I dont know why they dont want to do it!
But Ive argued with them about it each year for the past 4 years!!!
One tradition! Is it so bloody hard to do that!!!

These are the lights at one location in High Street!
They are spectacular.
You walk into their yard and there are 5 separate little light displays in houses and huts.

 Here is Me, Emelia & Shauny

This is Mum & Ken.
They went to look at the lights with Ken's family
and although I was following behind them, they were too mesmerized to even see me!

I even got right up close to them.....
Still nuthin!
Just ignored me!

And here is Stu & Josh that waited outside the display while we went inside!
As you can see, they really weren't in the Christmas Spirit of things at all!

The boys got a kick out of the 3D Archery Target used as a prop!
Yep, we shoot Teranasaurus Rex out at archery!

And here is our Chrismas Day.
We all assumed our positions.
Emelia dishes out the presents.
And we take in one at a time until they are all opened.

Josh got me a mcuh wanted Kindle Voucher that was sitting in this very large box!

Stu examining tools

Josh just wanted clothes!

Stu also bought him 2 Glidding Vouchers for out at Keepit Gliding Club.

Emelia wanted a Ipad.

Stu just wanted motorbike stuff.
Here he is with his Heated Handle Grips!

 Emelia & Shauny bought me these adorable earrings and perfume

And a horsey that resembles my "Thor" from EKKA.

Stu bought me a new kindle that has a light and doesn't click!!!

All in all it was a lovely quiet christmas
just with family.

Hope you had a wonderful christmas too.
Best wishes for 2013

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